March 23

Xbox 360 joystick mod for arcade in near future!


Scratch open the button´s to reveal the copper spot.

Connected to many points if you follow the schematic above but think its better this way.

March 15

Wii Mod

2012-09-16 21.32.19

March 13

Pinball Build

2013-09-15 20.21.32

July 23

Samsung Smart TV service menu


You can get other content, get HbbTV, turn on Infrared 3D, etc etc.
The 2 Programmes are:
Samsung Channel List Editor:…
ruSamsungTV Communicator:

The hacks are: (time)
-Entering Service Menu: 0.45
-Changing LandCode: 2.20
-Activate Infrared 3D Glasses: 1.10
-Activating HbbTV: 3.35
-Change SmartHUB content: 5.00

All on own risk!

But if you killed your tv using the service menu you can try this:
Solved D6200 Reboot loop EEPROM Reset

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