Samsung Smart TV service menu

You can get other content, get HbbTV, turn on Infrared 3D, etc etc.
The 2 Programmes are:
Samsung Channel List Editor:…
ruSamsungTV Communicator:

The hacks are: (time)
-Entering Service Menu: 0.45
-Changing LandCode: 2.20
-Activate Infrared 3D Glasses: 1.10
-Activating HbbTV: 3.35
-Change SmartHUB content: 5.00

All on own risk!

But if you killed your tv using the service menu you can try this:
Solved D6200 Reboot loop EEPROM Reset

Firmware Downgrade D-Series (SamyGO Proof of Concept)

Postby arris69 » Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:59 pm

make sure in tv’s settings menu OTN is enabled (screenshots anywhere????)
if you once played around in service menu, try to remember you changed some settings to develop(er|ing), if yes set it back to operating, if you never changed it in service menu there is no reason to change now anything!!!!!.

  1. set dns (depends on you network setup on tv or/and on your router) to:
  2. switch tv off and on again
  3. check from tv’s menu for firmware update via internet
  4. install firmware if it detects one (firmware for d-series TV is not patched, it’s original samsung firm with just changed versions number to xx90)
    • if you get an error at ~90% of install process turn tv off for ~3min and try again
  5. if no firmware are shown -> report it (not to samsung but here in SUPPORT forum :D )
  6. set your dns back to normal operational (if you don’t do this your device will be banned after 2 days on server due senseless filling up of logfiles)
  7. turn tv off and on again
  8. and don’t forget to disable further firmware updates!!! (samsung won’t make any technical improvements in new firmwares)

if you like you can say “thank you” here too :-)

Prepared Firmwares on Server:

  • T-GAP8DEUC 1015(success: verified)
  • T-GAPDEUC 1015 (success: verified)
  • T-GAS6DEUC 1011 (success: verified)
  • T-GASDEUC 1013 (success: verified)
  • T-GASAKUC 1019 (success: verified)
  • T-MST4DEUC 1023 (success: in log yes, user report missing)
  • T-MST5AUSC 1013 (success: verified)
  • T-MST5DEUC 1009 (success: verified)
  • T-GAP8AKUC 1010 (success: verified)

Prepared but closed for public access:


Maybe supported in future, but just if multiple users make requests:

  • Problem… you are suck on firmware xx90Postby wapper» Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:50 pm
    Yesterday i found finaly the T-MST4DEUC engineer 0000 firmware, tested it on my ue40d5000 and you can downgrade directly from usb to lower version.T-MST4DEUC-0000 … 0000.0.rar(dont use this as standard firmware you will see NOT FOR SALE if you press p+/p- in normale mode).Be aware after installing the 0000.0 firmware your tv will reset everything, you also must reset eeprom from servicemenu(via ruSamsungTVCommunicator to extend service menu options) if you dont reset eeprom you cannot set model in service menu(you will only see Error in model screen) after eeprom reset you can select your model, localset enz.Firmwares after downgrade:T-MST4DEUC-1024.1 … 1024.1.rar

    T-MST4DEUC-1025.0 … 1025.0.rar

    All Those Firmwares are tested and working on a ue40d5000 ci+ with T-MST4DEUC soc.

  • The 0000 firmware reset all service settings to default bootable mode, so if you dont know your model/paneltype/tunertype you should write it down.Advantage of using the 0000 firmware is if you want do downgrade to lower version of firmware(some versions are better than the 1 on samsung site), without 0000 firmware you cannot downgrade the firmware.1 put 0000 firmware on usb and plug in tv and load it.
    2 then go in to the service menu and reset eeprom.(reset eeprom is only acceble by extended service menu option enabled by ruSamsungTVCommunicator 3speed)
    3 reboot tv by pressing poweroff.
    4 go again to service menu and set your panel type / model / tuner and localset
    5 reboot tv by pressing poweroff.
    6 put 1024 firmware on stick and upgrade to 1024.dont use 0000 for normale use otherwise you will see NOT FOR SALE constantly.


Build a iphone4gs out of spare parts :)

Full Conversion Kit Wit voor iPhone 4S

Complete witte voorkant en achterkant inclusief touch en LCD


Batterij Accu voor iPhone 4S


Camera Back voor iPhone 4S


Camera Front voor iPhone 4S


Dock Connector voor iPhone 4S

Dock Connector voor iPhone 4S


Headphone Jack voor iPhone 4S

Dock Connector voor iPhone 4S


Home Button Kabel voor iPhone 4S

Dock Connector voor iPhone 4S


Power Sensor Flex Kabel voor iPhone 4S


Speaker Oor voor iPhone 4S


Speaker voor iPhone 4S


Vibrate Tril Motor voor iPhone 4S


iPhone 4S Logic Board!

iPhone 4S Logic Board! tCLEAN ESN!



06.15.00 GPS Fix The Real One

To Day Fun Day.

The iPhone Dev Team is happy to announce a baseband downgrade option in redsn0w for those who are using the iPad’s 06.15 baseband on the iPhone3G or iPhone3GS.Typically you’d have the 06.15 baseband if you unlock with ultrasn0w but updated your iPhone baseband past 05.13.04.  With this new capability, you can now downgrade specifically from 06.15 to 05.13.04 (even if you never had 05.13.04 on that device before).  This gives you the best of both worlds: ultrasn0w compatibility and a normal iPhone baseband with full GPS and the ability to use stock IPSWs again.Here are the steps:

  1. Use the “Extras->Select IPSW” button in redsn0w to tell it which firmware version you have installed (new-bootrom 3GS users can usually skip this step but it doesn’t hurt for them to do it too).
  2. Do a controlled shutdown of your iPhone (“slide to power off”).  This step is very important to avoid mount problems when the ramdisk is running!
  3. Go back to the first screen and click “Jailbreak”.  Enable the “Downgrade from iPad baseband” 100_0015checkbox, disable Cydia if you already have it installed, and click Next to proceed through the normal DFU ramdisk steps.





After the ramdisk gets launched and you see the Pwnapple running on your iPhone, you’ll eventually get to the “Flashing Baseband”













step.  THIS STEP TAKES A VERY LONG TIME to complete and there won’t be any feedback while its running.  Please just let it be for the next 3-8 minutes!  When the ramdisk has done its job it will reboot the phone on its own.








For those who are wondering if you can update your 3G or 3GS to 06.15 solely for the purposes of downgrading to 05.13.04, the answer is “yes” for 3G owners, and “maybe” for 3GS owners.  The iPad baseband is not compatible with 3GS units manufactured week 34 of 2011 or later.  If you have an iPhone3GS and if digits 3-5 of its Serial Number are 134 or later (xx134…), then you should NOT try to install the 06.15 baseband on your 3GS!  It will brick your radio, preventing both the downgrade from working and normal iPhone software from using it as a phone!  Be warned!

Here are the download links.  Enjoy!

Update #1: If you’re still using ultrasn0w after going down to 05.13.04, many people have reported that re-installing Mobile Substrate and/or ultrasn0w fixes crashes and “No Signal”.

Alice: Madness Returns – Vorpal Blade Papercraft

Alice Madness Returns Vorpal Blade Papercraft

Alice and her infamous Vorpal Blade (primary weapon in the games) returns! – papercraft by Jouzu Mania.

Alice: Madness Returns – Vorpal Blade Papercraft [Download]


Alice: Madness Returns Papercraft – Rabbit Doll

 Alice Madness Returns Papercraft Rabbit Doll


The Rabbit Doll is Alice Liddell’s most cherished possession, it was the only thing that survived The Fire at her house.

Alice: Madness Returns Papercraft – Rabbit Doll [Download]



06.15.00 GPS Fix (old)


This is a tutorial for those who are really wanting GPS back on their iPhone 3GS after jailbreaking and upgrading to the baseband that has crippled it.

 Unfortunately you cannot get it back in an original state at this point in time. See this post for the Real Deal!!!! There is a workaround. What you will need is an app called BTstack (or something similar) and a Bluetooth GPS logger. I can assure you that BTstack works on iOS4 and iOS5. You can try eBay or Amazon, they should range between $30 – $100. I have the Holux M-1200E model and it works great. I generally use it for geotagging my DSLR photos but and this gives it another purpose.

For those who think that I am trying to claim that this is bring your GPS back to your iPhone like it was before 06.15.00. Please read this. A ‘workaround’ can be defined as: “A method for overcoming a problem or limitation in a program or system” (Oxford 2009). The ‘problem’ is no GPS fix, the ‘limitation’ is 06.15.00. Overcoming this is done by ‘program’ BTstack GPS and ‘system/s’ in this case is the iPhone / GPS logger. The workaround is actually better (more accurate).You can download GPS Status App (Free) to troubleshoot GPS problems.

For compatibility of Bluetooth GPS loggers look here.

The iPhone 3G (not 3GS) baseband can be exploited to downgrade from 06.15.00 using fuzzyband, if you are lucky and have bootloader 5.8. Which will allow you to install an official iOS from apple and bring your iPhone GPS back. I will save you some time by saying do not bother trying to find a cracked version of BTstack GPS. Because you will not find it. I have created a Facebook Group for all those wanting to troubleshoot and find solutions to downgrade the baseband of 06.15.00 and restore GPS functionality or offical iOS.

This is Option 1.

Option 2: Get a new baseband processor ~$100*
Option 3: Get a new iPhone ~$800
Option 4: Get a secondhand iPhone $100 – 600
Option 5: Get over it and begin on living Priceless
Option 6: Wait until the Dev-Team or Chronic Dev Team makes a breakthru….
Option 7: Wait until the iPhone 3GS Baseband goes past 06.15
Option 8: Buy a car GPS


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